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A washing machine is an appliance used extremely in homes to avoid overload of home works and wash household laundry, such as clothes, curtains, bed sheets, and pillow cover, etc.

Without the use of a washing machine, the clothes will look dirty' filthy and stained. Therefore you need to operate it on the regular time interval for your convenience.

The washing machine maybe a fully automatic or semi-automatic, every washing machine is based on different technology and may suffer hiccups which are common in electrically driven devices due to lack of care or overuse.

Common problems includes, washer won't spin, washer won't agitate, making a loud noise, washer vibrating or shaking, washer fills slowly, washer won't drain, overflowing etc, at this situation you need a handyman as soon as possible.

Service Bug, a reputed service provider that offers you quality repair, service, and maintenance of a washing machine. We have come up all services under one roof for you. Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, and Godrej etc.

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